Overcome complex challenges together

The Complexity Management Academy was founded on the firm conviction that companies are more successful by networking with the right partners. Our community now consists of more than 50 companies, who, together with us, are mastering the challenge of establishing a successful complexity management system. In the future, we will continue to expand our expertise in complexity management and at the same time open up important new areas.

Maximilian Kuhn reports on what awaits you at the Academy:

What new aspects will the Complexity Management Academy introduce in the future?

Mastering product complexity remains a very important part of our work. In addition, it is equally important to be prepared for the challenges of digital transformation. In production companies, this requires above all a holistic view and networking of sub-disciplines. For example, companies are faced with topics such as the use and integration of artificial intelligence. Therefore, we have expanded our portfolio to include this and other topics such as the establishment of successful "product and portfolio management", the implementation of "product development 4.0" or "lean innovation".  In this way, we can advise and support production companies comprehensively and effectively in mastering complexity.

Some changes have also become visible in the external appearance of the Complexity Management Academy. What can you tell us about them?

Our core task is to make complexity visible in companies and to control it. We also wanted more transparency and clarity for our structures. Together with our industry partners, we would like to divide our work into three areas: "Understanding complexity", "Exchanging experience" and "Implementing solutions". Our motivation and goals are now perfectly reflected in the new website. We are the partner who supports the expansion and development of sustainable complexity management and this is now even clearer on our homepage.

What role does collaboration play in the network for the Complexity Management Academy?

The exchange within the community and a broad network of experts is fundamentally important for every problem and especially for complexity management! For this reason, we have successively established and expanded the Complexity Community over the past few years. Our experience shows that successful and long-term complexity management can only be established through continuous cooperation in a strong network. In addition, we support the exchange through the experience of our trainers, who contribute their expert knowledge through close cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. In our opinion, this is the perfect mixture to understand complexity, to master it and to use it as a competitive advantage. Feedback from the community shows that we are on the right track and encourages us to continuously improve the application of methods and tools in complexity management.