Complexity Management Congress 2015 and first Annual Meeting of the Complexity Community

On November 17th, the Complexity Management Academy hosted the first Complexity Management Congress. True to the motto "Equal in principle, different in detail!" speakers examined different facets of modular platform design in different industrial sectors and so provided a 360° overview of possibilities. Among the speakers were Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli, director of the Institute for Technology Management at University St.Gallen in Switzerland, Dr. Ludger Bodenbach, Head of R&D Point-of-Care at Roche Diagnostics, Dr. Matthias Braun, Manager of Active Agents at Sanofi-Aventis Germany, Dr. Dr. Hanjoerg Maier, Manager of Proving and Quality Strategies at Porsche and Dirk Czerwinski, Manager Engineering at Doppelmayr.


More than 120 participants from more than 60 companies discussed Best Practices of modular platform design in the special atmopshere of Aachens "Tivoli". In the sense of the Complexity Management Academy, which focuses on the exchange of opinions and knowledge on current topics and challenges in complexity management, there was sufficient time to network between sessions. With the Complexity Management Congress, the Academy widens its portfolio with a strong and cross-industrial platform.


On the day before the congress, the first Annual Meeting of the Complexity Community took place. Here, all companies that work closely together with the Academy come together and define new topics and focuses for the coming year in multiple workshops. Highlights of the Annual Meeting were the interactive workshop "Build Your Perfect Complexity Management System" and the part "Meet your Peers" in the course of the dinner. Speakers of the following day participated here and stood in question and answer in a relaxed atmosphere.


The next Complexity Management Congress takes place on November 16th, 2016, again in Aachen! We are looking forward to welcoming you there!


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