Best in Research

The main goal of our research activities is to define and answer the future top questions in the context of complexity management together with our complexity community. We find these topics in course of our trend studies and answer them with innovative concepts which are developed in our consortial research projects with our partners.

Consortial research

Our claim in the context of the consortial research is to give a comprehensive and target-oriented answer to the questions of manufacturing companies by always being “Best in Research”. In the challenging day-to-day business time for companies is too short to deal with these topics in depth. This is why we want to identify relevant fields of research together with our partner companies and embed these in our research roadmap. According to your preference and relevance for your business, you can participate in the most useful fields of research.

Trend studies

The aim of our trend studies is the identification of future topics in complexity management. By focusing on our approved concepts of questionnaires and case studies, expert interviews and benchmarkings, we ensure to be always one step ahead.
As a partner of the Complexity Management Academy you actively determine the search field of these studies. In our intranet you always have access to the latest and detailed results of all studies.


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